Mr. Jan van den Heuvel and Mr. Jos Bloo are specialists in the field of bankruptcy law. They are regularly appointed by the courts as receivers and provide advice in (pre-) bankruptcy situations. They are members of Insolad, the national specialist association for bankruptcy lawyers. In addition, they are members of Viaar, the association for bankruptcy lawyers in the court district of Limburg.

Overview of bankruptcies

Below you will find the current bankruptcies since November 2014. If reports have meanwhile been issued in the case, you will also find them here.

Filing claims

Should you have a claim in one of the above bankruptcies against the bankrupt party involved, you can file your claim digitally. To do so, you need to click on the company concerned. You can then complete the claim form online and, at the same time, upload the associated documents. Consider, for example, the unpaid invoices and any additional notices, such as general terms & conditions, if title or priority rights apply. This is then sent to us and also confirmed to you by e-mail.